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MC 583 Alessandro Costacurta Italy (H) Gold Base
MC 585 Lilian Thuram France (H) Gold Base
MC 584 Paolo Maldini Italy (H) Gold Base
MC 586 Matias Almeyda Argentina (H) Gold Base
MC 587 Rivaldo Brazil (H) Gold Base
MC 588 Clarence Seedorf Holland (H) Gold Base
MC 589 Zinedine Zidane France (H)

Gold Base

MC 590 Juan Sebastian Veron Argentina (H) Gold Base

Microstars figures UK Series 4:

With Series 4 in autumn 2001 Corinthian released 21 figures in International Kits for the World Cup Tournament 2002 in Japan and South Korea. It was the first time that we saw Microstars figures in International Kits. The series featured 9 countries: 6 figures of Italy, 3 figures of France and Argentina, 2 figures of Brazil, Holland and Portugal and 1 figure of Spain, Chile and Ukraine. The special point of this series was, that the leaflet shows a figure of Gabriel Batistuta in the Argentina kit which was only released as a promo of the Match Magazine. Also Series 4 was the only one where we saw a figure in the Kit of Chile.

Leaflet UK Series 4:

MC 591 Manuel Rui Costa Portugal (H) Gold Base
MC 593 Edgar Davids Holland (H) Gold Base
MC 594 Raul Spain (H) Gold Base
MC 596 Hernan Crespo Argentina (H) Gold Base
MC 595 Marcello Salas Chile (H) Gold Base
MC 597 Alessandro del Piero Italy (H) Gold Base
MC 598 Ronaldo Brazil (H) Gold Base
MC 599 Francesco Totti Italy (H) Gold Base
MC 600 Luis Figo Portugal (H)

Gold Base

MC 601 Christian Vieri Italy (H) Gold Base
MC 602 Nicolas Anelka France (H) Gold Base
MC 603 Andrey Shevchenko Ukraine (H) Gold Base
MC 606 Francesco Toldo Italy (H) Gold Base